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Sharing some pics of our school room!


I have a little post about it over on my blog. I wanted to share the link to it here because I just finished fixing it up and I am so excited for it! I know you ladies understand the excitement.

Our School Room


@FraggleMom I love all the windows in the room!!! the comfy furniture will be great to curl up together for a read aloud!


Looks beautiful! I am still thinking about whether we will transform another room of our house into a “school” room or just work within our current room arrangements. Yours has so much light!


All the natural light is wonderful–and essential!
Nicely done.


Thank you all! I wanted a room where we could gather that would be warm and inviting. A room he would want to go learn in. Our dining room is darker and sort of cramped with the way our home is set up. It was originally where we were though and had worked, but I am so excited for this change. We naturally gravitate towards this room so it is perfect.

I wish I could figure out how to put the pictures right on this post instead of making everyone click through, sorry. It keeps giving me an error when I try to load them.


Looks great. The windows are amazing!


Beautiful Room. I cant wait to read a little more in your blog. Thank you for sharing. Very inviting school room.


I love all the light you have in there. What a great room!


Be awesome if we can get more people posting their learning area!! Give one another ideas! And what they use to improvise!! I know I’m trying to find something around my home for the kids bookshelf!


Ours is from IKEA we house our books in a cube and the others are dedicated to various manipulates like Legos.