"See the Light" or "Home Art Studio"

I’m a homeschooling mom from China. Since there aren’t many resources available here (I guess we’re the first generation of homeschooling families in China), I’ve been doing a lot of research and learning online. I stumbled across Erica’s blog last year, and I fell in love with it immediately. I visit her blog (and now this community also) almost every day, and I’ve learned a TON from all of you.

PS: @erica , thank you sooooooo much! You’re such an inspiration, and your generous sharing has really shined a light on us new homeschoolers. PTL for your good heart!

I’ve bought Erica’s “Letter of the Week” and “K4” curriculum last year, when my DD was only 1 yo (LOL), and I can’t wait to start the curriculum with her next year. My DS is in grade K now, he’s doing pretty good, but I’m thinking of adding an art curriculum to our daily study.

After a lot of research, I’ve narrowed it down to “See the Light” or “Home Art Studio” (I was tempted by “Artistic Pursuits” because of all the great reviews, but since I’m not really artistic, I think videos might be more helpful to us). I couldn’t decide which one is better for my family. If you have tried one or both of them, could you give me some insights on this please?

Also, @erica , I noticed that you were using “Home Art Studio”, then you switched to “See the Light”, can you tell me why you made the chance please? Thanks.

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We have been using Home Art studio K and Grade 1. Overall, it’s pretty good. I don’t think the projects are mind blowing (many I have seen floating around Pinterest), and sometimes the teacher stumbles with her words/thoughts. Despite those two negatives, we found it to be fairly affordable and fun for my young children. Although I often look at the project and think I could have come up with it by doing an internet search, it’s fun for the kids to watch and learn from a different teacher. It also ensures that the kids get some easy, fun art every single week. During the summer I buy all of the required materials for the following year and I keep them in a special bin that we ONLY use for these lessons (meaning, when we do other arts and crafts, we NEVER pull from this bin) - this ensures that we always have the materials needed for the lessons. Although there are likely better programs out there (I know there are some great looking online art courses for kids), we’ll likely continue using this. :smile:

Hello! Also check out deep space sparkle. She has several videos and lessons. I am going to try some of them this summer! Good luck!

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Actually we started with See The Light, then moved to Home Art Studio. Mainly because they sent me their DVDs for review, and I was ready for a change. I honestly like both, I like that the See The Light comes with a little Bible study first, but my kids already do Bible and didn’t want to sit through the story portion. So I think at this point I’m leaning towards the Home Art Studio as they’re more focused on the art lesson. But both are great, it just depends on what you’re looking for :smile:

Can Home Art Studio be used with multiple grades? I noticed they are sold by grade level, but I would like to do art together if possible. Are they arranged by grade level because of difficulty?

We’ve used Home Art Studio all combined with my children for the past two years and loved it! We’ve used grade 1 and 2 so far and my kids this year are ages 12, 9, and 6. All my kids have enjoyed it, some taking longer than others, but overall doing well with it. I think they are arranged by difficulty, so you might want to choose a topic you like–for example grade 1 is all about art from different countries and 2 is all about fairy tales. OR pick a grade in the middle of your kids.