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Does anyone have any good resources for a human body unit study, for grades 1-2? Websites or YouTube videos? Books? Thank you!!!,

Hello! We are currently in the midst of our human body unit for first grade. There is no way I can link everything we are doing - all of the activities, lessons, etc, but I’ll point you in the direction after I give a quick explanation of what we are doing. First we traced my daughter’s body onto large brown paper (I got a big roll from the dollar store). Day 1 we did the skeleton - I will give the link below - I printed out a skeleton the size of a child (link below) - laminated it (not necessary, but I want to use it with my son in a few years) - we glued/taped all of the bones onto her brown paper body (and read LOTS of books… did a few experiments to show why bones are important to your body - also printed out xray pics to play xray memory with - link below). Day 2 we added muscle - got cheap red table cloth from dollar store (because it’s see-through) - cut it to size and placed it over the brown paper body (didn’t attach as we have to add anatomy below! also lots of books and discussion). Day 3 - respiration - used a printout of a lung, a straw and bubble wrap - cut our ribs up the center and folded back to place the lungs and trachea under (books and made a balloon lung in a bottle I found on Pinterest). Day 4 - Heart - added a paper heart on the lungs - used red and blue string to add veins and arteries - discussed which did what and read books. Day 5 - we did digestion - did some experiments to show how stomach works - added a straw esophagus and printouts of stomach, small and large intestines, and liver to our brown paper person - yes it covered some of our veins and arteries, but it’s okay - kids understand since this is flat things get covered. Tomorrow we’ll do the brain and nervous system - then next week germs and nutrition. We may also make a small felt person with different felt body parts the kids can play with to put anatomy in correct spots. I hope this makes sense and helps - the number of ideas on pinterest alone was overwhelming. I’ll put a few links below that got me started… feel free to ask any other questions - and have fun! :smile:
Here is the website I found most useful to get me started - most of what I just described is from here…

skeleton printout -

xray printouts - I made 2 of each so we could play memory -

This is a great website - scroll about half way down until you get to her human body unit - lots of links and ideas - some more in depth than what we needed, but good ideas to get started:

This is just cute - may make as a wrap up to our unit -

I also bought this - it cost $1.50 - was very worth it and cute!

and Pinterest - all of my demonstrations/experiments came from pinterest - we focused on skeleton, muscles, digestion, circulatory (heart, veins, arteries), respiratory and neuro/brain - all at a first grade level - will go into more detail in later years. You could also do senses (we will slightly review these, but we did a major sense unit last year)


We just finished our study of the human body. My kids are a bit older but one of the books we used was great and I think it could be used with just about any age. It also has Internet links included in the chapters. It’s called the First Encyclopedia of the Human Body by Usborne

Good Luck!

@triton17 WOW WOW WOW!!! Thank you!!! You are always a wealth of info:) sooooo many ideas, now I need to organize and get it all ready! May I ask what your science curriculum is? You seem so organized with pulling a unit study together:)

@csuttermedic oh good idea! I love Usborne books, I wonder if Amazon would have it…thanks for the suggestion!

@triton17 I can’t seem to get the X-ray pics to print…how did you print the,?

My kids liked the How the Body Works videos. They are short movies, I think they are suitable for first and second graders. I hope you enjoy them as we did. :slight_smile:

these have book and activities as well as printables. I believe the human body unit has printables of organs for a large body cut-out. Hope this helps!

@triton17 **them :slight_smile: thanks again

This could not of come at a more perfect time! Im putting together a lesson for my 1st and 2nd graders for next week. So far im going off of EasyPeasy with a few books I received from the library.

@Luvmyboys - just saw this - I remember it being a pain to get the xrays onto word to print. I’m assuming I still have the word document I put them all on for printing - we are on our way out the door now, but I’ll private message you the file later this evening… I’ll also answer your other question about our curriculum :smile:

@Elizabeth Thanks! I just checked out the movies and will definatley be using them:)

@michelletown I always forget about homeschool share! Just printed off the books:)

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@acaciap is Easypeasy the website ? I’ll have to check it out! Any particular thing you found helpful?

Its Level 1 @Luvmyboys

I love what you are doing for this unit study. Could I get the info too?

BTW - I also went to and typed in “story bot body songs” - they are short, but very cute - my kids loved them - there is one song for each body system we learned about. Also - you can try school house of rock body songs - some good (but old!) songs from our childhoods :slight_smile:

@triton17 LOL, I love schoolhouse rocks!