Science in the Beginning by Dr. Wile

I see that some of you are using this book next year. I will be using it for my 7 year old in second grade. I know there is a couple of ways to do the entire book in one year, but my daughter loves science and I don’t want to rush through it. How are you scheduling it in your homeschool? Do you think it would be ok to take a little longer with it? I want to do the whole book, and thought we could do some of the lessons through the summer so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with it all throughout the year. I want to do the whole series, but I have this fear we won’t get it all in. Any thoughts?

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It takes 36 weeks to get through the book if you are doing science 3x/week, which is what we plan to do. :smiley:

Which set of questions will you do? Will you do a science journal? I copied the notebooking pages off of his website. I have never experienced notebooking before (we just did a simple journal this year for science), we will be doing the 2nd set of questions I think. Just hope I am not expecting too much out of my 7 year old, but know I can dial it down and adjust as needed. I will know more when we get into they rhythm of it. Just needed some back up wisdom! Thanks.

We are doing the “older student” questions and keeping a journal. The best explanation for the curriculum comes directly from the author, Dr. Wile:

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we will be doing it twice a week, and skipping the lessons in red (that he says to skip if you want to do two lessons)
I got a lapbook kit to go along with it. Super excited!


@noeys Have you started using the curriculum yet? We are halfway through the first day (light) and I am so impressed. Brooke learns best by doing, and the fact that every single lesson starts out with an experiment is just wonderful for us. Seriously impressed.

No, we actually went with something else. lol.

We ar using it this year as well and it is the first science that we all love!

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