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Looking for a history and science curriculum for 5th grade? Any suggestions? Anything really WOW you? Please let me know.

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We have been working our way through American History by reading lots of books, mostly from the library, and for that I use TruthQuest history guides. I love those guides!

We do a lot of related activities by working through Homeschool in the Woods’ Time Travelers. My children love pretend play and basically living it out for months at a time. The crafts and activities are great and the lapbooks are a way of show casing everything to relatives and just for revisiting too, which they love to do.

Last year we began The Fight for Freedom and it is a wonderful biography book! It speaks to children in a way that encourages them to become like the men who helped make our country. My children were building scenarios with their toys (and continue to do so) after reading about each man.

For science we have used Apologia and Answers in Genesis and they are both excellent. This coming school year we will be exploring with Master Books’ science sets. You can take a look at the different sets they offer at:


Answers in Genesis:

I hope this is helpful.


We’ve been using Heart of Dakota for the past 7 years, and absolutely love it. It’s very Christ centered, Charlotte Mason in style, and they use a lot of high quality living books. With some other curriculum I’ve used in the past I always had to pre-read books and make sure the content was appropriate, but with HOD I haven’t yet found a book choice of theirs to be objectionable.

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Check out The Good and the Beautiful by Jenny Phillips.

I have a few resources that combine History and Science together…

Experimenting with the Vikings
This is an amazing 57 pages free resource, sort like a unit study. It’s meant for the classroom use but would work well for homeschooling…I’ve used some of it. It follows the story of a particular viking, covering different aspects of daily life, then does experiements/activities relating to the science behind in (like the physics of viking weapons and arrmor and ships, navigation techniques, farming, etc.).

Science of Ancient Egypt
Love the writing in this. You can just buy topics (like Mummies, or Pyramids, or Metals, etc.) or get a bundle with all of them:

Science in the Ancient World -
full, like year long curriculum…they’ve got some sample pages you can look at here:

I will admit- I am lazy when it comes to science and history.

Our favorite has always been k12 as Independents. I have not used the newer 5th/6th USA history. The other world history levels (K-4th and 7th-8th) are wonderful, though, and are not really “grade specific”. The science is excellent. Both subjects are engaging.