Science Curriculum

Hello all, I hope you are all doing well.

I was watching Erica’s vlog on her top pics for science the other day. So interesting.
I was wondering though, has anyone ever used The Good and The Beautiful Science?

I started using it last year with my first and second grader, then quickly stopped. It was over my kids heads and was frustrating for them and me. I thought it would be good for them and it didn’t look very difficult initially to me, but once we got into it neither child liked it and I had to explain the explanations in just about every paragraph I read and it just was not working for my kids. That being said I did keep it because it looks good! I would use it in the future for sure. I know other families have used it for their younger elementary kids without difficulty but I won’t pull it out again for my kids until 4th grade I’d say.


I’ve used TGTB Science with my 3rd and 5th grader and they loved it. It was easy to follow and the experiments were fun. We started with Chemistry…this year we are doing Space Science, Health Science: Maturation and others… You know your child best …TGTB has something for everyone…try a unit that you think your kiddos will enjoy learning about and give it a try :grin: