Saxon Math Grade 1

I just purchased the Saxon Math for the year and found that it only has 130 lessons. What did you do when you were finished? Did you move on to the next level in the same year or did you supplement with other worksheets?

We use MUS, not Saxon, but it doesn’t last us a full year either. In years past, we have always just finished early and have been done for the year. This year we changed it up and are only doing math four days a week.

We do Saxon… If I recall, Saxon Math 1 is meant to be done 4 days per week. I know it says specifically in the front introduction area of the book how often they suggest you do math with the program - I’m fairly confident it’s 4 days per week. We either took Wednesdays off for a break mid-week, or Fridays off for an easy end of the week. I hope this helps.
FYI - as the years progress (I believe beginning in Saxon Math 2) the students do a lesson every day (if not Saxon 2, then definitely Saxon 3!)

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Our household does school 4 days a week. We finish some books before the end of the year. That class is finished then. We don not start a new level.
If the boys want to explore something specific related to one of the subjects we are done with, then we do. Otherwise, that is the end of the subject for that school year.

Thanks, ladies! I ended up planning 4 days and then doing a math computer game on Fridays. But this definitely helps me feel like I’m on the right track!

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