Rod and staff or teaching textbooks?

i’m looking into rod and staff for english for grade 3 and the rod and staff math for both grades 3 and 1. i also looked at teaching textbooks for grade 3 since it starts at grade 3. anyone used both? i feel like rod and staff for grade 3 doesn’t cover as much as teaching textbooks does or maybe i’m wrong. help please! any pictures of the student textbook for rod and staff would be awesome. any other suggestions are welcome also! thanks in advance!

We currently are using Rod and Staff for second grade and plan to use for 3rd. I like that there is a lot of practice for each new skill and most can be done orally. You have lessons, review, lessons, chapter review (if I remember correctly). I believe you are able to view samples online.

I use teaching textbooks 3 as the levels indicated seem to be a grade behind. It is all online, lecture, practice and problems. It self grades so I review my son’s work daily and go over any areas which he got wrong. It is also spiral, so there is constant review of past skill every lesson. If your child is better with mastery then this will not be a good fit. There is a printed book but it’s not necessary because it’s exactly the same as online. I supplement with hands-on activities and additional sheets for reinforcement. I am on the fence if we will continue next year since I have to add. I may try Singapore next year, but still undecided.

Hope that helps.

my kids are currently in private school so i’m a newbie homeschool mom trying to get prepared still for the new school year in the fall. So do you use rod and staff for just english or english and math for 2nd grade?

Only for English. I use Teaching Textbooks for math.

We use Rod and Staff for Math, English and several other subjects. I have two very different learning styles when it comes to Math. One needs VISUAL reminders to learn and the Rod and Staff Math has enough visual masters in the teacher’s edition for me to copy and put up on the wall that he is learning and remembering his facts fairly well. My other child needs the auditory learning and oral practice. What I like about the Math is in the teacher’s edition, if you go through it for each lesson there is oral review, oral practice and oral introduction of new skills that will show up a few lessons down the road - planting the seed for something new . . . a true plus for both styles of learning.
With my auditory child we have been doing the 3rd Grade English - almost exclusively orally which he is doing well with. I am, just this week, slowly staring him on doing some of the exercises on paper.
This is a link to the main website which has a “look inside the book” feature:
Below is a jpg. page to the one of the pages for the second grade math book:

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Do you use the math for third grade also? Or different grade?

I am using both 2nd and 3rd grade math. 3rd Grade English I am using with my son who is technically a 4th grader, but the material is right where he is at with English.