Reviews and Ideas for Beautiful Feet History and Primary Character Study

Hi! I’ve discovered Beautiful Feet History through Literature and Primary Character Study from a post on another board. I’m really interested in purchasing it to use in our classroom this coming Fall. I think it can be adapted for my “students.” I would love to here reviews (good, bad and neutral) from those experienced with it. I’m thinking of doubling it as our reading curriculum (Not language/phonics/grammar) as well. Thanks in advance! :grinning: :blush:

I’m interested in info about this also.

Hi! I still didn’t find much information on the curriculum from Beautiful Feet, but I took a leap of faith and ordered it anyway! I ordered the Early American History set and the Character Study set (literature) for primary students. It has arrived, and I’m planning with it now. Let me say–it looks like it will be a great year! The books are a very nice quality and the titles are a nice variety. The learning guide provides lessons to help you complete the set in either 1 or 2 school years, depending on how many days/week . There are engagine questions and some notebooking materials you can print for the student notebooks. It also has Biblical ties on each story. I do plan on taking it a step further, and I’ve been “pinning” some lapbook ideas for each book. I plan to just work our way through slowly, so we can really dive in. If you have any specific questions, let me know! I will take some pictures, etc. as we work our way through to share with others.

Did you order a complete package or are you planning to get books from the library? I’d love to find something that will allow me to find most of the assigned reading at the library, or at least used.

I did order the complete sets! However, I’m almost certain you could just order the guidebook and use the books from the library. The only thing I will say—a lot of the Early American History books are a very nice size for read-a-louds and nice sized pictures. So, for us, that is a plus, because I will be reading to multiple students or they will take turns reading to each other. For that reason, I’m very happy with the larger books. Some of the Character Study/Lit books are regular size and many Caldecott/Newberry winners, etc.–so guaranteed they can be found in the library.
The guidebook also provides other supplemental reading that is not provided with the kit–so they must be available in other sources. :smiley:

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Hi there! I’m wondering how you’re feeling about this curriculum now that you’ve been doing it for a few months. What are your thoughts? Do you still like it?

Would also like to hear what you think. I am planning to do history of the horse this year and would like to do some of the other history guides in the future if it is any good.

We are currently using Beautiful Feet Primary Early American History for 2nd grade and my son is not really retaining the information. You read aloud books and then answer questions. The books are not quite easy to read as some are in Old English (modifications needed to have my 2nd grader understand). There is some scripture memorization and the questions do correlate to character (which is a plus). They do provide images (found online) that your child can color, but my son loathes coloring so we just paste in our notebook. I have to expand on the lessons, such as online videos, map work, some crafts in order to make connections to the text so that there is retention. Personally for me, it is not a good fit for our family, since I have to do additional research to add to it. This is not to say that the open and go without the additional items wouldn’t work for another family. The guide is affordable, but with the books it is quite pricey. You can find most the books in the library or used.

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We’ve used the EAH and we love it! We used a notwbooking approach, so while I read aloud to the kids (3rd/2nd graders) they colored in the notebooks, did copywork, or what not. We also got the timelines to go along with it and I HIGHLY recommend them! Really gave a big picture view to what we went over. The notebooks were just simple spiral notebooks but now they are a wonderful memory to have for our two years about history.
I used the character study by just getting those books from the library and talking about different things that happpened in the book. Super easy to implement.

I bought the guides and timeline form BFB, but I got the history book and cd lot off of ebay. And the character books from the library.

Totally recommend this company and program. I add in early readers about the people we study so they can have extra reading about what we do as a group. I also add in videos and liberty kids dvds. But you don’t have to, it’s just soo easy to go on amazon and find great videos so I do it :slight_smile:

The guide is very light, meaning there are a few questions they want you to ask for comprehension and a bible verse that ties into character, a simple picture to color/paste in the notebook and usually simple copywork. So I love that is doesn’t overwhelm me and I’m able to add in things.

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