Resources to finish the year!

It’s almost the end of April and we are running into the same conundrum we run into every year: our books are ending and we still have a month of school left. It’s so much work to find something to last only about a month, and I’m not sure I want to start next year’s books yet. I was thinking of trying to find some cheap/free unit studies to fill the gap. Does anyone have a website they love for that? Or any other ideas? My kids are grades 5, 2, and K. Thanks!

Homeschool Share has free unit studies and lapbooks for all levels. Here is the link

Other website I love for free resources is Teachers Pay Teachers, although most are for sale, I have found many printables for free. Pinterest is other of my favorites, lots of ideas for fun projects and unit studies.

Hope this helps!

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I ran into the same problem with my son. I bought some inexpensive workbooks and games from Amazon and some books for reading aloud. I second homeschool share!

Why not end early, enjoy the Spring weather, then start a month early next year with a fun unit study.


Do you have to do so many days? When we finish our books we are done!

I have a list of unit study places I know of on the bottom of this page…granted, I don’t generally use others unit studies (I just poach them for ideas for my own). But some look good.

I’ve made one study using Donald Silvers “One Small Square” books…and have gotten some others I plan to do more studies with. They cover different habitats, are beautifully illustrated and have activities and experiments built in… I did a cave unit using their “One Small Square: Cave” book when my child was 7. I read out loud one section a day from the book and just supplemented with some youtube videos and activities off pinterest, and a visit to a real cave in our area.

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Could you do a kitchen unit study? Give them a budget amount for a weeks worth of meals. Have them come up with a meal plan for the week. Take them shopping, and let them add up the groceries as you shop. Let them make some of the meals, double a recipe and let them do fractions, etc.
Or give them an outside play budget, have them research things like slime, chalk paint, bubble solution, play doh, and decide how they could maximize the amount of projects by using similar items? There would be math involved, reading, science, and it would be fun. Like a reward for finishing early.


Thanks so much everyone! We’ve been doing some unit studies and book studies that we haven’t been able to fit in earlier in the year. We are working hard to get our kids working hard-- I marvel at the parents whose children naturally try to excel and do their best, but we are not like that! Rewarding by getting to start summer vacation early for us would mean rushing through instead of taking our time to do our best. Appreciate everyone’s suggestions!