Resources that Tie Together Science and History

I recently bought a pack of unit studies for the “Science of Ancient Egypt” that were WONDERFUL. They looked at topics like mummies, the Nile and it’s cycle of flooding, Egyptian inventions, planets, animals of Egypt, etc.

Unfortunately, that was the only “history” topic this author currently offered (though I contacted him and he says he may try to make another on The Science of Rome over the summer…woo hoo!)

I would LOVE to find more resources that combine the study of science and history: videos, books, unit studies, printables, whatever!

If you know of any, please share…thank in advance!


Science in the Ancient World (Jay Wile) does seem to fit this, if only somewhat.

This year, we used “Science in the Beginning” (same author/same style) and what I liked about it is that every lesson began with a simple experiment, which then was explained during the lesson (how/why).


We use Heart of Dakota. It has a unit study format with corresponding history and science. It actually includes planning for all subjects although we substitute language arts and math. It has a lot of flexibility and a lot of variety of activities.

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This seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!

Trail Guide to Learning is also an integrated learning format including all subjects except for math and all subjects are interrelated. So the Science is also based on what is being learned in History and Geography, etc.

It is probably too late for replying to this thread, but I just want share something. John Hudson Tiner makes a great job in relating science and history in his Exploring the World of … book series. This year we used the Biology and the Physics books and I loved how he combines science and history.
I think this series is best for students in grades 5th-8th.

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