Reluctant Reader

We are just finishing our 3rd week of school tomorrow and my son is not excited about reading. He is 5 years old and knows all letters and sounds. We used reading ladders last year and he was thriving. This year, when I add the 3rd letter on the ladder, he shuts down. What suggestions do you have in order to teach reading? Should I take a break on reading until he shows interest? Or should I just keep concentrating on letter and sound activities and wait until he is a little older?

One of the biggest reinforcers for kids to love is reading is actually being able to read a book. I did a program with my son when he was in kindergarten that was not based on sight words using short vowel, but on reading words using long vowel. The very first day he read a book and was so excited. He flew through the program and was reading two grades higher at the end of it. He still loves reading today and maintains a reading level 2-3 levels above his grade level. When it’s just tedious, it’s not very reinforcing.

What program did you use?

The long vowel program was actually created by some teachers at an alternative school, and it is what they use there. I got it from them, but I am happy to share if you want to try it out.

I would like to look at it if possible. Thanks!

Sure. Send me a message, and I will explain how it works and email the first level.