Relocating from Colorado to Georgia

Our family (kids are 12, 10, 7 & 6) will be relocating from Colorado to Georgia within the next couple of months. I have looked up Georgia law, but was wondering if someone home schools there and can summarize for me how it works there. Also, we are looking in North Fulton County…are there any homeschool groups, co-ops, etc. that you can recommend in that area? Thanks in advance for any information!

Hello! Welcome to Georgia (soon)! We have been homeschooling in Ga for several years now. From my point of view the laws here for homeschoolers are pretty laid back. The only thing I have to turn in (so to speak) is the intent to homeschool. I think we are supposed to keep records like attendance and be able to show some of their work if necessary. We have to give them a standardized test every 3 years starting in 3rd grade. I live in the West Ga area but I am sure you won’t have a problem finding a good co-op in North Fulton county. Good luck with the big move!