Recommendations for Early Elementary Health

For the next school year, I will have a 2nd grader and a K-er. Anyone have recs for a good health curriculum that will split the difference between them? Or what have you done within your family? I’m not necessarily looking for an actual curriculum, so if there are good living books or perhaps a cooking class…

Hi! I have a 3rd grader and for the last couple of years he has enjoyed Horizons health curriculum as a good base. For example: 1st and 2nd grade was a look at “me and my place in the world”. Fun family tree activity, community, friendships, a sense of self, and our body systems. He happens to be a Cub Scout, so he’s done some fun units on cooking, nutrition and physical activity where he earns awards, patches and belt loops… But you get the idea! Well rounded life experiences for young elementary have been fulfilling and interesting! Have fun!

We have used the Abeka’s Health, Safety, and Manners series.
They are great for little children and easy to read. There is a teacher edition with lesson plans for each book but we have never used them. You can just add your own fun activities. There are sample pages in their website if you are interested.

I don’t use a formal curriculum for health with my little guys. I really just think about what topics I want to cover and I buy a cheap amazon book that supports the topic. I make up a notebooking page, search for a coloring page, craft, project, YouTube video, etc to go along with each topic. (It takes time to make up your own lessons, but I feel its worth it!) We discuss the book/topic. My younger kids also like to have books read to them over and over. (And OVER), so we really learn our topic. Sometimes we act things out, (like with our “strangers” book.) Some books I have for next years health & safety are:

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food - (Healthy eating)
Robin Hill School: Wash Your Hands! - (Germs, handwashing, illness, etc.)
The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers - (Being safe, strangers)
I Can Be Safe: A Look at Safety - (Road safety, helmet/sport safety, emergency #s, dangers, swim safety, etc.)
I Said NO!: A Kid-to-Kid guide to keeping private parts private.
No Dragons for Tea - (Fire Safety)
The Usborne Flip-Flap Body Book - (A look at our body & how it works)
Don’t Call Me Special - Learning about people with disabilities)
The Busy Body Book: A Kid’s Guide to Fitness - (how our body works & fitness)

I bought all of these for 3.99 on Amazon, or at the Salvation Army, which is a great way to find books! When my daughter was in fourth grade I bought the American Girl book: The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls. They also have an older girls book and books for boys for roughly 3rd to 6th graders I’d say. They have nice journals that go with each book too. I did use a formal health course one year, but we all found it pretty dry, but we are not textbook-y over here! Hope this gives you a possibility!


Thanks for all the suggestions!

We really like A Beka Health as well. We also did and like Rod&Staff Health for 2nd and 4th grades, and Schoolaid for 3rd-8th grades although we have not used above 4th.
The R&S and Schoolaid can be found at