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Reading programs

I’m wondering what are the best hands on reading programs people use? Or the best curriculum that makes reading fun! My daughter is 6 and knows how to read but dreads it! I can’t fighter out how to make it more fun other than what I’ve been trying!

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It’s been a rough week with language arts this week and I’m struggling! I want to give up :frowning:

Hang in there! The most hands on program I’ve used would be All About Reading. Many people really love it. (Not my son…) But I still think it’s a nice program. Looking back, one thing I wish I would’ve done differently would be to not to push so hard at such a young age. Getting my son to read was like pulling teeth. Just do a little each day! One day she’ll just take off with reading and it won’t be s chore to get it done. I promise!

I also have this problem. My 6 year old does not like reading. She was desperate to learn to read when she was little now getting her to read is a battle. I let her pick any books she wants. I took her to the library this was a big deal since we don’t live close to a library. We had to wait until we went to visit my mom. I thought it would inspire her but no. I have been more intentional sitting and reading in front of her when she is playing or doing other activities to hopefully set a good example.

We do all about reading - she likes it but I don’t feel like she is progressing per se because she already knows most of the words it just the phonics rules we are trying to get down from AAR.

I am hoping this is just a phase and with patience she will embrace reading again.

My son went through this too. I just increased read alouds. Then I got him a bunch of different of books that I thought would peak his interest. I ended up getting him comic books too. Then I required independent play time and no electronics at that time. With patience he began reading and now he is doing just fine. He still doesn’t spend a bunch of time reading but he will read and enjoy his books.