Questions for those who have started a few levels back in Math U See

Ok let me see if I can explain this where it makes sense! Next year will be our first year HSing. My daughter who is currently in 4th grade has always struggled with math. She doesn’t do well with how they teach. I think Math U See is going to be a great fit for her. But after taking the placement tests she knows her basic multiplication and division but can’t go past 2 or 3 numbers so she hasn’t mastered it. I’m taking her back to Gamma. I want to do a modified approach because for one we need to try to get through gamma and delta this year and I don’t want to bore her to death with things she already knows. I was thinking of having her do a couple worksheets a week and then moving on until we came to a sticking point and then slowing down. Has anyone else been through this and how did you do it? Which worksheets are most important each week? Thanks!

I agree with you, I think you could go through the work until you get to a point where you see she needs to slow down and then go from there. It might be a push to get through two in one year depending on how she does, and the Gamma can be challenging. We used Graph paper to help them keep all of the numbers in the correct columns which helped tremendously too.

Worksheets A,B,C are usually practicing the new concept, then D, E, F are a combo of new material and review from previous lessons.

Hope that helps some.


When we started his we started my son in beta and he was in 2nd grade. He knew some things from public school the previous yr butother things he didn’t. Also the MUS teaches things differently than public school did…especially since he was doing common core. We do a quick review on the board on the things he already knows and pick an E F or G worksheet to do and things he doesn’t know or needs more work on we do A thru G if I feel he needs it. What I o like with MUS is on the D E F worksheets they review previous things the whole time so if he seems to be forgetting how to do something I go back and pull a worksheet we didn’t do or we do problems on the board. Hope his helps… :smile:

Very helpful!! Thank you!

If there are things within Gamma she has mastered, give her one wksht within that section and move on…no need to do more than 1 if mastered already. 1 is a good refresher and I would likely make it from the review part of that section. There is absolutely no need to do ea sheet in succession with MUS as it is mastery, if ready mastered.