Pulling children out of school for a THIRD time?!

Hi all! I am hoping here someone can ease my fears (or just tell me I am crazy?!).

I have been back and forth with homeschooling for 3 years now. I homeschooled my son for first grade, and then he went back into public school for second grade (it was a disaster), pulled him out for a whole 2 months in the beginning of third grade, and then he went back in. Now, we are finishing up third grade (still in the school system). We are moving to a new state (military), and I am on the fence of homeschooling again. I am just really worried that I am doing more damage than good at this point, with the constant in and out of the school system. I know it’s a lot to handle and adjust to. I can’t say homeschooling is a forever for us. But it has been weighing so heavy on my heart ever since my oldest went back into school. I know I will have absolutely NO family support if I go for it a THIRD time, as our family already thinks I have failed at homeschooling. We are a very close family, and I value their opinion, and their support! So not having that, makes this decision even harder.

Any support or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Don’t worry dear your parents will support you. I have an idea for you about homeschooling. Online homeschooling will help you and your parents to move forward from this situation. Always do the research and check their accreditation for future reference. I am also one of the parents who will suggest you to have online education which will give flexibility of timing and place. For reference, The Ogburn online school is also a part of online homeschooling where my child has enrolled. You can speak with the counselor for further process.

It sounds like you really don’t like/want to homeschool. It’s not the answer or best option for everyone. Public school is ok and it doesn’t make you a bad parent because you send your kids to public school. It’s sounds like they need some consistency at this point.

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I would ask what was your motivation for homeschooling in the first place? What happened that you sent your child to public school? Why was second grade a disaster, is third grade a disaster? He’s going into fourth grade where he will encounter more math, reading, and language arts, are you prepared to provide that? What have you done or what are you planning to do over the summer to benefit your homeschool?
Many of us homeschool without support or with other demands of our time, but we understand that and try to accommodate for it. Only you know if the lack of support will result in another year of mixed schooling.
Kids of military families often change schools frequently so the interruptions are not the end of the world, especially if you have kept up with what he has done in public school. However, if your homeschool days are a bit on the lax side then that would be a problem to try and go back and forth and stay on "grade level"
Lastly, you said [quote=“AWATZEK921, post:1, topic:3741”]
I know it’s a lot to handle and adjust to. I can’t say homeschooling is a forever for us. But it has been weighing so heavy on my heart ever since my oldest went back into school
[/quote] It is a lot to adjust to both for you and your son. If homeschooling is not a forever for you (and its not for many people) what does your son’s future look like? How will you prepare him for junior high or high school?
Many things weigh heavy on us, like keeping a clean house or ideal weight, but unless we take positive actions the dust bunnies do hop to the trash can and the fat cells don’t voluntarily leave.

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I wanted to extend some encouragement to you by linking to a blog post I was reminded of when I read your post. I hope it is of help to you:

Hi! The most important thing is that it is obvious that you care for and want the best for your own children or you wouldn’t worry about it like you are. That’s step 1 :slight_smile: After that I would say to try for a little consistency, going in and out can be hard on your kids and on you as well. Moving a lot as a military family can also be difficult because your kids are changing schools so frequently. That in itself can be hard on them. I have several military families who have turned to homeschooling just to provide an environment of comfort and security for their kiddos.

It sounds like you and your spouse need to take some time to pray over the decision, and then decide. I wouldn’t base my decision on if whether your family would support you at this point. Chances are they aren’t close to you geographically if you move a lot anyway. But there will probably be other families where you go that are in your same situation and you can find support there. Do what is right for your family regardless of what others think or say.

All that to say that if you feel you’re being called to homeschool, then I would go for it. If you are committed to it, then you can do it! And I do think it would provide some consistency for your kids as well. I’m not sure why you pulled them our, or put them in public school to begin with, but from just what I’ve read from your comments, i don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to start homeschooling when you get to your new state and make a clean start there.

I do have a post on transitioning from public school to homeschool here if it helps any:

Hope that helps :slight_smile: Erica

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