Problems Keeping w/ the Schedule

I’m having a really tough time keeping my kids on a set schedule everyday. To start, I have an issue with getting my kids up in the morning, even sometimes getting myself up when I need to, to prepare for the day. Getting my daughter down for a nap and getting her to sleep at a decent hour. I do model off of Erica’s Teeny Tot schedule since my kids are only 4 and 2. It’s the best one yet and I’ve been having better luck with it. But, I’m still struggling. Does anyone have any advise? I’m also willing to answer any questions that you might have. Thank you!

I struggle like you wouldn’t believe with a schedule! But at the age of your kids, I think it’s ok to be a little more relaxed with a schedule:)
I find as long as we keep a routine in terms of how our subjects flow, we are better off. Trying to keep a schedule that’s run by the clock will never work for us. But we do have approx times when we get up, start school, eat snacks and lunch, etc…


Thank you for your help and insight. I felt as though a few people that I’ve talked to before were telling me that I needed to get my kids on a set structured schedule now or I’ll never get them in order…They’re not cadets, they’re my kids. I do agree with you 100% Thanks again :smile:

We totally fluctuate too. My kiddos are 5, 4, and 2. We have a general start time, a set lunch time, and a rest time for my 2 and 4 yo. Other than that, our days are subject to all kinds of changes! :smile: We love being outside whenever possible and often find ourselves adjusting to allow for more play time outside. Also, my husband is self employed and our 5 yo son loves going to work with him in the woods. So there are days when he doesn’t really do “school work” until the afternoon but I wouldn’t trade the experiences he gets from being with daddy for the world!! I think at the ages your kids are, having fun and enjoying your days is very important. Besides, at that age, they’re ALWAYS learning!! :wink:

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At 2 & 4 years of age I wouldn’t worry about keeping a schedule. I think by the time they get into 1st grade you want to have somewhat of a schedule just because I think that for some kids it does help them to know what to expect during the day. My kids are 10 & 18. They are in 5th and 12th grade. They are both at the point where they know that schoolwork needs to be done each day but we are flexible about when. That is the nice thing that happens as they get older. There are some days when my 10 year old gets up and starts his schoolwork before 7am. He wants to do something else in the afternoon. There are other days when he doesn’t start until noon.

Also, we use workboxes. It helps the kids to easily look and see how much school work they have to do.


Thank you all so much for your input :smile:

Aim for a routine, rather than a schedule. In other words–when you all get up, have a regular morning routine, some regular activities, a regular time for you to read to them, etc… that go in order, rather than by the clock.

It helps kids to know what’s next. You can even make up a velcro pictorial schedule–show pictures of the things you will do and move them from a “to do” column to a “done!” column.

Truly, though, I wouldn’t worry about it. I worried so much that I would never be able to homeschool because I couldn’t keep my little ones on a regular schedule–but things change so much year by year, and you grow into doing what you need to do. You don’t have to have them ready for a high school schedule by tomorrow, know what I mean? You get there year by year. Have fun and enjoy your little ones!

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@Merry - I agree - I tried to keep to a schedule - for me anyway - it was 8:00 - 9:00 Math - etc - and it was just so stressful and not fun at all. B/C if I wasn’t done with math by 9:00 - SSTRESSSS for me and then not fun for the kids. A routine - say - we will do these subjects in the morning and these subjects in the afternoon - has worked much better for us! Thanks for the great reminders and great post. :smile:

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I agree 100%! Routines at this age add security and boundaries, but a set schedule is not necessary. (FYI, I have several relatives in Scandanavian countries where structured learning–of any kind–does not begin until 7 or 8 years old! But when they turn 12, that is when they push–and push hard! But they seem to be ready at that point.
Some moms I know just plan one activity before lunch and one after.

We have, for our Littles, something like this:

Bible/History reading–15-20 min
Math fun activity–15-30 min
Lunch with Read Aloud
Fun activity–history or art–15-30minutes
Quiet rest with picture books–45-60min–ie my sanity time!!

Not sure that helps, but pray and it will come to you!

3 years ago when I started HS I had a minute by minute schedule. That has now evolved into a “what do we feel like we are gonna do” schedule. I have learned I am eclectic and a go with the flow type HSchooler. It is just the season Im in. When the kids get older it will change.