Printing Road Trip Usa

I’m so excited to use RTUSA this year! It’s quite a lot to print and it would take my printer forever to do it. Has anyone printed somewhere else or had it bound? Where? It looks like Staples can do color prints for $.06 a page, which isn’t bad.

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I go to Office Depot for coil bindings. It’s under $5 to bind a big stack of papers:) they can also put a clear cover on the front and a heavy card stock back before binding…I always opt for this making it more durable:)

I printed it at home and put it in binders. One for me and one for my son.

I buy refurbished ink so the cost wasn’t that much.

I used a laser printer for most of it. There really aren’t a huge amount of colored papers in it.

I also buy refurbished ink. Saves me a TONNNN! I am always blowing up my printer with something :slight_smile:

For those of you that buy refurbished ink where is the best place to get it? I definitely need a cheaper option. I spent $73 on ink yesterday and I’m hoping that last long enough to print Road Trip USA with two student workbooks.

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Amazon! I just bought a 20 pack for my printer (which is 4 refills for each cartridge) for $40!

I get mine from Ebay!

Ebay- I buy 10 cartridges for $13