Preschool/Early Elementary Classical Music Suggestions?

HI! I am looking for suggestions for some classical music resources for very young children (CDs, story books, etc.). So far I have found two books (Carnival of the Animals and Can You Hear It?) that have CDs included, but I wondered if anyone has found a great, fun resource for this and/or a website with activities. The age range would be ages 4-7. This is to be used in a small co-op setting for no longer than 30 minutes per lesson. (I plan to use Peter and the Wolf later in the year.) Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :slight_smile:

Classics for Kids has audio files and worksheets for various composers.

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Hi @Forchristandkids!

The following website has a lot of activities and even curriculum guides (sort of a unit study) for use with different mastro classics cds or any cds you can find/have.

I hope this is helpful to you :blush:

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Mine all love Beetoven’s Wig music CDs. I believe there is a book with the same title, too. Also Story of the Orchestra. That age, just listening is enough.