Prayers for strength

I have a passion for teaching my children. I was struck with illness and had to send my children to public school. The worst! Thankfully I’m on the up and up after a year and a half of illness. I’m not fully recovered and am a little nervous as to if I can fully homeschool all 3 children. I’m praying for guidance and strength. Plus we live in a pretty bad public school district.


Hi @Burchfamily!

I wanted to tell you that I will pray for you and I also wanted to share with you that I had something similar happen to me while I was pregnant with my youngest who will be two years old next month. I am not fully recovered yet either, although much better.
It was very hard but it was part of life, too. Our children learned many things during this difficult time and we are all still learning a lot while living together - schooling included.
School in my opinion isn’t something set apart from life and it is best done at home within the family. There are different seasons in every family’s life and we need to let God be the leader, trusting Him with our lives (education, too).
Our children don’t see anything else as an option so why do we? I realize, looking back, that it wouldn’t have helped any if I had sent my children to a school when I was at my worst and I also see how much my children still learned and there never seemed to have been a gap in their learning - because there wasn’t.
Also, I used simpler curriculum for my children to work on independently. That was a help. But mostly, what counts the most is that we are growing a heart towards Him. If nothing else gets done, let praises and thankfulness, love and family intimacy, Bible reading and memorizing, take place. All else will fall in place.
I hope this is of some help to you and encouragement.
Blessings to you! May the LORD strengthen you and give you all you need in this season.


I also wanted to recommend a wonderful book by Ruth Beechick, A Biblical Home Education.
I found it through our inter-library loan system and I was greatly encouraged by reading it. Hope you will be too.

This helps so much. Thank you. I’m always grateful for being more and more grounded in my decisions. And this has grounded me more. Thank you. I feel like I can do this a bit more. :muscle:t5:


Hi Burch family! I will definitely be praying for you. I think we’ve all gone through the uncertainty and doubt when first starting out, so what you’re feeling is totally normal. Not to mention having to take time off for your illness. Hopefully all of that is better and you can move forward now!

Here are a few posts I’ve done that talk about my doubt, fear, and resistance to homeschooling, hope they help encourage you!

You got this girl!!