Prairie Primer curriculum?

Has anyone used the “Prairie Primer” as a (mostly complete) curriculum? I am considering using it for some history/literature, and occasionally doing some of the other projects (home ec, science, etc). I know there is a Facebook page for the Prairie Primer, but I am wondering if anyone here has heard of it and/or used it.

I just ordered the Prairie Primer for next school year to use with my 8 yr old daughter. I’ve seen some previews and that was enough to know that it would serve as a great base while I shared my love of all things Little House with her. I’m not using it as a complete curriculum but that’s primarily because we have very specific learning outcomes to teach here in British Columbia, so I always have to supplement to make sure we’ve dotted all our i’s and crossed all our t’s. Thanks for the tip about the Facebook page; I’m going to check that out. Here’s a blog post that I found helpful -

I have a lot of links! I’ll share some of the better ones:
This is a blog about how she used the curriculum.
Lesson plans for Little House series.

More lesson plans and resources

Some interesting ideas

Montessori site, free resources to create a unit study

There are others, but so far, these are the best of the group. I hope this helps.