Poll: What is your favorite spelling curriculum?

  • All About Spelling
  • Spelling You See
  • Spelling Power
  • Abeka
  • BJU Press
  • Other

I don’t want to ever change from using ABeka for Spelling. Our son, who struggles with it, scores higher than his grade level during test time, so we’re sticking with it.

We love All About Spelling! We started this year and even though my daughter is a good speller, this program has helped her understand how and why we spell words the way we do. This will be the only spelling program we use!

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All About Reading worked for reading and now All About Spelling is teaching him spelling. I like that way that it explains to him why? The English language has so many exceptions to the rules, it is so nice to learn what they are and not have to just say “because someone spelled it that way, I don’t know why.” Now I know the why.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE All About Spelling!!! I learned so much right along with my kids that I was never taught in school!

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I’ve used a variety of Spelling programs… none of which I am truly fond of. I’m thinking of putting together my own program for next year or, if it works with my budget, trying out All About Spelling.

All About Spelling!!! We are thrilled with it - although I should say that we have only been using it since November. But is has been a game changer for my son! Love it!

Huge fan of All About Spelling. It is easy to teach and the girls have really enjoyed it. Highly recommend it to anyone with children learning to spell.

Soaring with Spelling is wonderful.

Spelling Power is a great textbook. It’s designed for children 8 and older. It’s a complete spelling text (i.e. it grows with the child so you don’t have to buy a new book each year), it’s based. It’s especially helpful for children who have difficulty with spelling.

WE LOVE All About Spelling!! Were are in level 3 in 3rd grade. We are doing about 2 levels each year.

I have had a difficult time finding a spelling Curriculum that I like. Any ideas?

I’m looking into the Catholic Heritage Curricula spellers and Soaring with Spelling.

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AAS is our favorite spelling curriculum.

keeping my eye on this thread… we tried AAS, twice and my 7 year old hates it. It really frustrates me because EVERYONE raves about it and it just doesn’t work… we have done Spelling Power - he does great on the exercises, but the spelling words don’t stick… he is really great at reading - reads at a 5th grade level… really great at phonics, but putting together the phonic sounds and remembering spelling rooms - not so much. He is a perfectionist and is very fearful at spelling things wrong that he won’t even try. I’m ready to pull my hair out!

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We tried Spelling Power our first year and I did not work for us at all. After reading several reviews of different curriculums I came across AAS and we haven’t looked back since. It works very well for us. I’m just afraid of what I’ll do if they don’t come out with a new level after level 7?!

We just started Spelling You See in January and my kids like it. I like that it isn’t a list of words, rather they concentrate on a rule each week… Right now my kids are working with nursery rhymes but soon my daughter will be using small paragraphs about animals. They learn a rule and find the words that follow that rule. There is copywork and dictation involved but no list of words.

My son is not having an easy time learning to read, its taking him a lot longer than it did for my daughter. But this spelling program is something that he does not struggle with and I love that.

Its working better than what we were doing the first half of the school year.

All About Spelling has been working really well!

I live in China. I’m not married yet. But I’m very interested in homeschooling. I think I’ll definitely use All About Spelling to teach my children in the future!

To those of using All About Spelling - at what age group would you not start it with? We just started homeschooling and have a 2nd, 4th and 5th grader. So my question is would you start it with the 4th and 5th grader too? We are doing it with the 2nd grader and it has been awesome for him, but I am wondering if it will hold the attention of my 4th and 5th grader. I am torn. If we do it, do we start at 1? Right now I am doing Abeka spelling with the older ones, but that seems a little hard for them. Would love any feedback. Thanks!!!