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Poll: What is your favorite science curriculum?

  • Confessions Scientists & Inventors series
  • Apologia Science
  • Abeka
  • BJU Press
  • God’s Design (Answers in Genesis)
  • Other

We have been so focused on Phonics, Reading and Math that the other subjects kinda get pushed to the side right now. (mine are very young). I either integrate sci and hist in with reading but this January I started making Science Notebooks. After searching Notebooking on Pinterest, I am obsessed with them! And we have done so much more science in the past two months than we have in the last year. My 7yr old feels like she is science “scrapooking.”


We love R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey by Pandia Press. I have a 2nd grader and a preschooler. This curriculum is adaptable for many different age groups. Plus it is fun!

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We use Sonlight Science and LOVE it!


We have used Elemental Science curriculum this year, working on Biology. Have the multiple grade levels, I have found it easy to make adjustments so we can teach all three levels (K, 2nd & 5th). We have also enhanced our education with a lot of books and videos from the library.


That sounds like such a neat idea! What exactly is involved with a science notebook? Is each notebook a different topic, or is it one note book with different parts? My son LOVES science and I feel like I am not giving him enough chances to do science since we are not doing a formal science curriculum right now.


We just started Elemental Science Biology today. We have done some of the preschool series, and I intend on working through that again this fall with my (soon to be) kindergartener. I don’t think she’s ready to join big sis in Biology.

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I love science and history. I use the guidelines/sequence of Core Knowledge to give me a general list of topics to teach each year, but I don’t use the Core Knowledge curriculum, books or other materials - I find them quite boring. Instead I take that list of topics and make major units about each topic (each usually taking a month to teach). I use a variety of projects, materials, resources, and methods to create my units. I’ve often thought I should “fancify” the appearance of my units and give them away for free on TPT, but alas, I’ve never gotten around to it. :smile:

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This year for 3rd grade we are using Apologia Science. It’s Exploring Creation with Astronomy and it is amazing. You get a notebooking journal with it and that’s where the child does all the writing and activities. Very highly recommended!


We have enjoyed Science in the Beginning by Dr. Wile. Sadly reoccurring sickness in our home the past few months has forced us to focus our time on the basics so Science has been set to the side. I am hopeful we can pick it back up in March and finish strong! This fall was the first time in the 4 years we have been homeschooling that we have even liked the Science option.


We use Sonlight. I find my girls reading the Science books beyond the actual lesson. They love the books and I love their excitement to learn more.


Last year I used some of the science curriculum from Moving Beyond the Page (Age 8-10 Force & Power Concept) & enjoyed how they used it with literature (Ben & Me & The BFG). This year I am using Apologia’s Human Anatomy (elementary) & bought the notebook journal as well as a kit with most of the stuff for experiments (the kit is available through Christian Book Distributors but it’s a bit pricey at $75; however, it’s been nice to have everything we need).


Nancy Larson Science. It’s pricey but has everything you need, including dialogue to teach it. My daughter just loves it.


We take a wide ruled paper notebook and fill it up as we go. It has various topics. For example, we had a weeks lesson on animal habitats, tracks and scat. So everyday we added the lesson to the notebook. Then we did rocks and minerals, volcanoes, earths crust and this week, parts of a seed and plants. I am taking my topics directly from the kids interests. I observe something they are currently interested in and we go to the library, get books, then I set aside time to search online for activities. Then we work them and glue them into our notebook. If you type notebooking into pinterest you will get some visuals.

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I voted other as we haven’t really found a favorite yet. This is our first year homeschooling. We have been watching The Magic School Bus and reading lots of books especially the Let’s Read and Find Out series. I have a few science curriculums that I am working through to see what will work for us. Real Science Odyssey, Elemental Science, and BFSU are at the top of my list right now. I just got Confessions Scientists & Inventors series but haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.


Since my daughter is only in K, I’m picking and choosing science activities based on our current theme. One of my favorite resources is found here:

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We are working through Anatomy and Physiology this year, having already worked through Astronomy, Botany, and all three Zoologies. I love being able to add the younger children with whatever is next in the sequence for the older ones, as they hit the age where they can join in. We always use the journals, and this adds to the level of understanding!


I just took a look at it…WOW! I didn’t even know this existed! What a great supplement! Thank you for mentioning this! Our daughter is also K level


We use a free curriculum from a science museum in California called Math Science Nucleus You will need to buy some science supplies for it, but they also now have an online version of the K-6th grade material.

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I am interested in using this curriculum. What is it like? Lots of reading or worksheets?