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Poll: What is your favorite reading curriculum?

  • Abeka
  • All About Reading
  • BJU Press
  • Explode the Code
  • Other

We use all about reading. We also tried BJU reading this year. My daughter loves all about reading and has constantly asked to use it. We will use all about reading as long as we can. I am hoping they are going to continue to come out with higher levels!

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My oldest son learned to read using Hooked on Phonics. For my youngest that didn’t make work. I switched to All About Reading and he got it! I do think that with reading different kids have styles so you made need to try more than one thing until that light bulb goes off.


My son is using All About Reading. He loves it.
My daughter will be using Horizons. She loves to write so I’m thinking it will be a good fit for her. I tried it with my son and he didn’t love it due to all the writing.

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Sing, Spell Read and Write

We just started all about reading and we’re loving it!

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We have been so impressed with All About Reading and how well it works with All About Spelling. My 2nd grader was behind in reading when we started homeschooling and she has taken off with this reading program. Using Level 1 with my daughter kindergarten as well.

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We use a combo of All About Reading and Explode the Code

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What age is everyone starting All About Reading level 1?

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I am seeking a reading curriculum for my dd. She will be 5 next week. She has a lot of fine motor delays. She is not able to write or cut well yet. I’ve been debating Logic of English Foundations. I also just purchased a book called “Teach a Child to Read with Children’s Books”. I need to find a program that doesn’t “require” writing and cutting. Does anyone have any experience with either of the programs I’ve mentioned? or any other suggestions for me to research?

We are using BJU Press this year (kinder), but have moved away from it most days as its a little too workbook-y for us. Has anyone tried Spelling U See?

I was so incredibly surprised at how well/quickly my kids learned to read with Explode the Code. We love it!

I’ve tried a few different curricula with limited success. Brooke can sight read very well. Her issue is how much she actually understands. We are using comprehension cards (short story on front, 5 questions on back) with some success. But I’m always looking for what else might help!

We just started All About Reading/Spelling 2 weeks ago, and we LOOOOOVE it. A good mix of sit down time and hands on. Great balance for kinesthetic learners.

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We did a system based on long vowel, instead of short vowel. My son is in first grade and his reading level and comprehension have exploded. Because he learned the rules of reading/spelling the way he did, he can sound out really long, complex words. After finishing the reading program and learning all the rules, he reads books at his level and now works on a retell journal to work on increasing comprehension and eventually working up to writing essays about what he reads, which is where my older son (fourth grade) is in his reading.

I don’t know a lot about this program but from what I see, The interactive kit look the same for the spelling and reading. Did you purchase both interactive kits?

No, we just purchased the reading interactive kit. The student kits come with the cards you need for each level.

I started my kids at 5yo, but they go through it at different speeds. Some catch on quickly and some need to spend more time on any given topic.

I started it with my daughter right after she turned 4 and she is doing great with it. Prior to starting level 1 we did LOTW and the prereading AAR level.

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With my older daughter, I taught her to read using the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I plan on teaching my Kindergartener next year with that same program. We’ve used Heart of Dakota curriculum this year for 2nd grade for my oldest and she likes it. Next year, I’m thinking of trying All About Reading as well as All About Spelling. I know with AAS I need to start her on Level 1 regardless of her age. But, with AAR, does she need to be on level 1 even if she’s reading at her grade level?

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