Poll: What is your favorite art curriculum?

  • World’s Greatest Artists from Confessions
  • Artistic Pursuits
  • Draw Write Now
  • See The Light Art DVDs
  • Home Art Studio DVDs
  • Other

Draw|Write|Now is the art curriculum my preschooler (K5) has used this year and it has been a total hit! Two thumbs up. :+1: :+1:

This is our 2nd year using Home Art Studio DVD’s and my kids love it.

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Option G…Many of the above? :slight_smile: I’ve used World’s Greatest Artists from COAH, Draw Write Now, See the Light, and CC Fine Arts. They’re all wonderful and engaging the kids into loving art. ((When we had just done Picasso from COAH, our son was in the library months later and got really excited because he saw a small square picture on the outside of an art book–without the name of the artist–and said, “Mom, I know what that is…it’s a Picasso.” I just about fell out in the Library, lol. Just when we think they’re not paying attention…they are!))

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My daughters love this curriculum, we are almost done with the Volume 1 and have already planned for Volume 2 next year.

We love the Home Art Studio DVDs. Art is not my strength so I love having the option of these DVDs. The kids look forward to them and I’m impressed with their finished work!

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I love hodgepodge blog. She focuses on chalk pastels w/ a ton of free lessons. Don’t let the mess deter you!

We have used Draw Write Now and had some individual instruction which ran its course. This year my kids are doing the COAH Worlds Greatest Artists which we have all really enjoyed! Thanks Erica!

My kiddos love Artistic Pursuits and we do a “loose” version of World’s Greatest Artists from Confessions