Physical Disability Book Suggestions

Hey Everyone! I have an 8yo daughter with some anxiety issues. Lately she’s been getting worked up when she sees someone with a physical disability. Today, at the library, there was a mother with only one leg. It was really upsetting to my daughter. Do you have any book recommendations (for kids) on this topic? I remember reading some when kiddos were much younger, but it’s been a while! Thanks!

You could write a social story and pull pics from Google! I do it all the time for my kiddos❤️

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I purchased this book from Amazon last year. It may be worth looking at! Don’t Call Me Special: A First Look at Disability by Pat Thompson

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I came across two book recommendations (among a long list) from another homeschooling parent from awhile back. I noticed two book descriptions that might fit what you are looking for. The first one is Mine for Keeps which is about a girl with cerebral palsy by author Jean Little.

Also by Jean Little is the book From Anna which is about an 8 year old German girl who comes to Canada in the 30’s. Until they arrive there, no one realizes she can’t see, they just think she is clumsy.

The author of these books is blind herself. I can’t personally vouch for either of these books, but they came highly recommended to me :slight_smile:

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