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Phonics help for Kinder

Hi! My first 2 struggled to learn to read. Dyslexic. They went through my Father’s World kindergarten and first Phonics and then all about reading (1-2 and 1-start 2). Neither liked AAR and neither would decode! ?? We did dabble into The Good and The Beautiful and Logic English. In the end they really just learned to read by reading. They are both starting All About Spelling. I’m hoping it will strengthen their phonics and improve reading.

I have a third son who will be six next month and is fighting me on my Father’s World kindergarten phonics. Im leary to try AAR bc of how much his brothers disliked it. He likes to write, with a dry erase marker, underneath the letter tiles and then tries to read. He only likes to read, really, if he’s writing/spelling. So far, I’m not suspecting/noticing dyslexia.

I was thinking about using AAS to teach reading along w AAR readers ?? Has anyone tried this? Thoughts/recommendations?