Phonics for grade 2

What phonics program/books has anyone used for grade 2? I’m looking for something that focuses on teaching phonics only, not a phonics and grammar combined program:)
What grade have you stopped teaching phonics? Thanks for the suggestions!

We are still using All About Reading in Grade 2 this year and we are continuing into Grade 3 with this program (using Level 3), but I think after that we may stop phonics and move more into Reading Comprehension only and explore other reading options. I am not sure there will be much more to be gained in the area of phonics after that year for my daughter as her reading level is going really well. But I am interested to hear other responses to this question too!

To reinforce the phonics my daughter gets from CLE LA, we use Explode the Code. I have never purchased the TM, I just get the workbooks and do 1-2 pages a day. I have a friend though that uses it more frequently. It is a fun way to reinforce the concepts learned. My daughters favorite pages are the yes/no pages and choose the correct sentence for the picture. Yes, some of it is silly, but it gives her mind a break and starts some very interesting conversations.

We use Abeka and has worked well for us. Handbook for Reading, Letters and Sounds 2, and the readers that reinforce the phonics charts (Story Tree and Treasure Chest) are the books we use in second grade. We have a little review of phonics during the first weeks of the 3rd grade and then we stop teaching phonics to focus on reading fluency and comprehension, and spelling as well.

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@Elizabeth That sounds like a great plan!

Liberty Press Phonics B which is mostly phonics and its applications - no grammar.
We will complete the three books in the series so have Book C for next year in 3rd grade.
If the boys can retain the phonics rules and apply them, we will stop there. If not, we will continue with getting them good at the application of the phonics rules into 4th grade - maybe by working just on the troublesome areas at that point.