Phonics and reading curriculum

What are good curriculums and resources for teaching reading and phonics?

Right now we are using All About Reading and love it. In the past we have also used Christian Light Educations Learn to Read program which we also loved, but our youngest child just has a different learning style. Also a good one but one that takes a lot of time and patience would be Abeka. I have had good results with all of them, it depends on how much you are willing to spend and the learning style of your child as well as how much time you have to teach.
CLE would be the cheapest option here.

100% agree with you! My recommendations exactly. Well said.:slight_smile:

We have used Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I won’t say we loved it (because it doesn’t teach phonics rules) but it works well to teach children the blending process. We moved to AAR from there and have loved it! It really reaches a wide range of learning styles and is easy on the teacher. One other suggestion might be to use BOB books and the multitudes of free printables you can find to accompany each book; you would need to discuss phonics rules as you progress but it wouldn’t be difficult.

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I am using the free program at Used alongside and with some longer library books to supplement (right now we are using the Piggie and Elephant books) it makes a great phonics program. I don’t know how comparable it is to other programs but we like it.

We use Candy-4-Way Phonics. It’s a $10 instant download. My 4th grader thanks me for this program and encourages his 1st grade sister to use it because he loves reading. He can sound out almost any word. As my son got closer to reading with this program we used the I am Sam books (found free online) and the Biscuit books. He progressed from there. Though he’s a 4th grader he can read and understand middle school books.

I found Progressive Phonics at my local library. It had great reviews and it seemed to appeal to a lot of homschoolers I couldn’t wait to get it home and try it especially for free! We tried it but it was not for my daughter. She did OK with it through the vowel sounds but after that it was not a good style for her it was just to dry and repeative. She is a hands on learner. So now I am going to try Logic of English with her. There are a lot of different activites and games incoorporated into the lessons. I also love that it is reading, writting and grammer all in one program! I am still waiting for it to arrive but I can update once we actually get it and try it.

Thank you! I’ve heard a lot of good things about AAR.

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Thank you! I briefly looked at 100 lessons and I’ve seen a lot of great things regarding AAR.

Thank you! I’ve never heard of that website. I will look into it!

Great! Thank you for the information! I will look up the phonics program you listed.

I have tried AAR1-4 which is great. 100 easy reading lessons,the reading lesson, Abeka (kinder), McRuffy(kinder), and others I think and am surprised that I really like Christian Light Education Learn to Read. I use the LTR and the LA and also love the math.

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