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Perfect finds for their binders!

I had these which I purchased at Walmart a few years ago and when it came time to put together the binders for Erica’s Exp. Earth and Road Trip USA these came in really handy!
I have purchased the World Notebook Map w/ Facts on back and US Notebook Map w/ Facts on back. They each go into their appropriate binder, and of course each child can have their own. I love these!


Neat, thanks for sharing!

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You’re welcome! I hope it’s helpful

We purchased the same maps at w-mart also. I never thought of using them in our Road Trip USA notebooks for next year. Great idea thanks for sharing.

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What a great idea! I’m working on setting ours up! Thanks for sharing!

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@GC123 lovw these. Can you tell me what section of walmart you found them in? I tried in the school supplies and could not find them. Thanks!


I too tried getting more of these but could no longer find them at Walmart. It had been in the school supplies section at this time of the year.
However, the prices on the website linked above are better than that of Walmart. These are really worth having!

I’ll check them out! Thanks again. :grinning:

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I wanted to update the link to this resource:

Or, for US Notebook Map with Facts on back:

And for World Map with Facts on back:

It’s also on Amazon. Remember that this was made in 2011 and doesn’t seem to have been updated since. Just something to keep in mind with the date being 7 years old. Thanks for the updated link! Here is the Amazon one too:

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Awesome binder idea!

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