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Parenting Books - Girls/Bigger Family/Age Gap

I am looking for some advice on some great parenting books. We are a Christian home, have four girls, homeschool (obviously), and have a seven-year age gap between the oldest and second (cue much sibling rivalry). Would anyone have some books that they love for parenting that you think may fit for even just one of the things listed? Parenting teens would also be wonderful since our oldest is going to turn 13 this year.

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I think you would LOVE Sarah Mally’s (Bright Lights’) Strong in the Lord Conference (online).

I have five daughters, and two sons, and we did it as a family last year, twice!! It was so good. Very encouraging for families and for siblings. They are the authors of Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends, if you’re familiar with that book.

The conference is online on February 4-5, 2022. It is targeted to Mothers and Daughters, but like I said it worked well for my sons too.

This is a good starting point, and one that is good to revisit from time to time. You want to build, obviously, in your daughters the idea of friendship and leadership, and a relationship with the Lord.

I have other resources I can share about with you that help me with my daughters. I can share them soon.:blush: