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Page Protectors

Does anybody have a recommendation for where to buy the cheapest page protectors (that work well for dry erase) in bulk?

Instead of laminating the LOTW Activities, I want to put some of the games in page protectors and “bind” in file folders by letter to make them “portable” because we travel so much.

I use to buy them at SAMS Club. I don’t know what the price is now, it’s been a couple of years since I purchased some.

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I’m not sure the price, but I’ve bought a large box/package from both Wal-mart and Target. They even have holes on the side to put in a 3-ring binder. They work great with dry erase. On a side note: I HAVE laminated papers to use with dry erase markers… not sure why, but often, if we let the dry erase sit on the laminated papers for a day, they are very difficult to wipe off. However, we can leave the dry erase marks on the page protectors and we don’t run into this problem. With that said, not only are page protectors cheaper, better for the environment (you can use them over and over, as opposed to lamination), but they erase better (at least for us!)

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Thank you! I ended up finding a pack of 200 for $10 at SAMS that works great for dry erase. I made 26 “Books” by three hole punching file folders and tying the page protectors into them. So, we have a whole year’s worth of games ready to travel as needed!

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