Our Calendar Area

I posted a fun video on how we set up our calendar area, I thought I would share it here!

Do you do a have a calendar time spot?


We have a small apartment, so I stapled all our calendar activities to a large piece of foam board. I get it out for calendar and can easily store it when not using it. We have a large pocket chart calendar that we hung on the back of a door with 3M hooks.

I purchased this large pocket chart calendar at Joann fabrics with a 60% off coupon!!! I absolutely LOVE it and so does my kids. They can see all the activities and holidays at a glance. I also made extra activity cards with my cutter and my label maker!! This is awesome and I wish I had bought one sooner.


@alwayspainting oh, I love that one!

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I’ve been doing ours with what I have - a dry erase board, weather window clings and a free calendar from the bank. I also have the virtue cards which I’m able to put on the board w/ magnets. I taped pockets I made to the back of the board to hold the weather clings and virtue cards. The kids help mark off days on the calendar. I have been eyeing pocket charts, but haven’t splurged yet and have hesitated since we don’t have a dedicated hs room.

Ours looks a lot like @Alwayspainting’s but it’s on the back of the door, so I can close and hide it. Then we have a bulletin board below it for all the other things like weather and sight words.

As you can see I was never very good at centipede :slight_smile:

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Here’s the Calendar spot in our homeschool room