Organization of K4 Curriculumand LOTW Printouts

For those that use the K4 Curriculum and Letter of the Week print outs. How do you organize all of the printouts? I plan on using file folders for each individual LOTW but I’m not sure how to organize the printouts for math, phonics, etc?

I am using LOTW. I got a 26 pocket expanding file box from Walmart. Each letter has a pocket. I just try to stick things in in the order I plan to use them. I am printing as I go so I try to reuse some of the pieces like number cards without pictures that are used for multiple activities, I just stick them in the next letter’s file when she’s done with them on the current level. I kept the files in alphabetical order even though we are doing them in the order Erica suggests of vowels first then consonants, I figured this would be easier when we’re done with LOTW if I want to repurpose it.


I keep 26 file folders in a bankers box. I got clear sheet protectors and used a hole punch and string to “bind” activities in the folder. We use a dry erase marker on the page protectors to practice the prewriting/number writing/etc.

If there is a game “board” board , I put the board in a sleeve with its pieces.

I put puzzles and game pieces without a board together in envelopes or paper lip them together and place them in a single sheet protector at the end.

Any “crafts” that I plan to use I just “file” them at the back.

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I also keep two ziploc bags with my folders. When we are ready to go, I just get my folder and two bags.

Folder bag for items I use daily with the folder: dry erase marker, paper towel (to erase), counting chips (we use decorative stones because we already had them), and a number puzzle.

Art bag for common craft supplies: crayons, glue, glue stick, child safety scissors, and a do a dot marker.