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Hello :slight_smile: My name is Jenny and I am a new homeschooler. I pulled my son out of school due to Tourettes, ADHD and autism. He still goes to school 1 time a week for OT and writing therapy and they all believe it is helping him immensely!
Since it is my first time doing this, I purchased the Monarch online subscription in the hopes it will help me getting started. It has a course already planned out and keeps track of grades, etc. ( I still have to grade about 15-20% ). However, as things are progressing, I am finding that printing some of the assignments out really helps more because he tends to lose focus easily (which creates more redos online). Iโ€™m not convinced online is the way to go next year for him, but it is a start this year. Next year I also plan on homeschooling my younger daughter because in homeschooling I am seeing how much is being missed in the school system (well compared to when I went to country school as a kid). Iโ€™m hoping to use paper for her and possibly paper and/or online combo for him due to their learning style differences.
Does anyone else have online course experience that can relate or give advice?

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How old is your son?

He is 10 and my daughter is 8 :blush:

My kids also do better with a mix. A good combo we did was k12 as independents. We used all the courses but math at some point or another successfully. Run away, far away, from their math! It is truely terrible. k12 uses a combo of some online and some paper-based learning.
All mine love Veritas Pressโ€™ Self-Paced History and Bible courses, plus BJU spelling and science dvd courses.

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