Online piano note games

Hey! My 2 kids (ages 5 and 7) take piano lessons. They enjoy it and are doing well. The teacher and program suggest practicing flash cards to help learn/identify the staff note names. From past experience, flash cards don’t work well with my kiddos. Does anyone know if there is an online website (free) that just shows a note and kids click which letter it is (or something like that) - just note identification games. I know it’s similar to flash cards, but I think they will take to it much better in this format. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

There is an app called Flashnote Derby that is exactly for it and my daughter loves it! I think it was like $3-$5. Totally worth it!

2 Likes then click on Quizzes. Multiple fun music related games and several with note names and rhythms etc.

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