Online class ideas


As my kids get older I have been looking for more options online. I like the independence and I feel like theee is so much that I can’t teach them (because I don’t know!). I found this cool website, has anyone tried it? Any other great online resources you know of?


I’ve never tried it.I’ve never heard of this site.
I have a 1st grader. We are using MobyMax for the vocabulary and phonics parts. I find that I emphasize words too much, so this gives him good practice with sounds. I set a time on it, he works while I do my school. I also have IXL and Muzzy free from my library that I’m going to check out.
Is it the online class that you like? or is it the material being covered? Perhaps that will help people with what online resources to suggest?


I guess I should add as my older two, 11 and 13, get older I am wanting them to become more independent learners. Also I have seen a few neat online classes, like the art classes Erica is using that are things I am not capable of teaching at that level. I have my strong points but art is not one of them! :joy: We are in a busy season of our lives right now and any supplemental stuff I can have my girls do independently would be great!