Online based curriculum help!

I have a soon to be 8th grader and am looking for an online based curriculum for her as she’s not being challenged enough with my attempts at piecing together curriculum. (We’ve been doing that for the past 5 years since she started home schooling)
Any suggestions, even if it’s where I can look and get recommendations would be so helpful!

Thank you.

A Beka Academy is what comes to mind, but I’m not very familiar with online courses.
I suggest Far Above Rubies, a unit study by Lynda Coats. It is a self-directed course for high school girls that can be used starting at age 12.


I second Abeka Academy. My daughter used the sixth grade video program and loved it. It is challenging! The teachers are wonderful explaning and make the lessons fun.


Ive heard really good things about BJU press distance learning compared to Abeka. BJU has samples online and they look more engaging and less “classroom” than Abeka does.


Thank you! That’s very helpful. :grinning:

I use switched on schoolhouse from alpha and omega and love it. We have used as our main curriculum for everything but math. For that, we use teaching textbooks. Most of our group uses teaching textbooks and the kids love it. But sos is amazing for everything else. We started using it in 5 th grade and now my daughter is a sophomore. Man. How time flies. I hope that helps.

Thank you, it does help!