Older versions of Math U See different?

I have seen several for sale that are the 2004 version. Any reason to not purchase these? Has the curriculum been updated and the newer versions better in some way?

@Lindsay I went to the Math U See site to answer your question and this is what they said:

“•Math·U·See did a complete revision the student and teacher books in 2004. The scope and sequence were changed to make it easier to learn the concepts. Extra practice sheets were added, along with many other changes to make the books better and more up-to-date. The older books have the names Introduction, Foundation, Adanced etc., while the new updated books go by Greek letters: Alpha Beta, Gamma etc.”

Thank you! That helps!

@Lindsay I have used both versions. Actually I think I have used 3 different versions over the years (I started using MUS in 2002). There is not much difference in each version. If you can get a good deal on an older version than go for it.

*The first version that I used was VHS so you may just want to make sure what the format is if you only want a CD.


Thanks! Hoping I get a deal :slight_smile: