New to homeschooling

Hello my name is Megan and I am a momma of four and I want to homeschool, I live in Missouri any suggestions on course work or how to get testing in Missouri.

Hi Megan,
Welcome to the world of homeschooling!
I would start by going to Homeschool Legal Defense Association’s website ( and check out the requirements for your state. There will also be support groups listed there for more local help.
You don’t necessarily need any kind of testing, unless your child has a learning disability and you would like a personalized plan you can do at home. But that would be done privately, not through the school system. If you already have an IEP, you can use that to consult with a specialist privately. When you are homeschooling, you are not tied to the school system, which can seem scary, but it’s actually a good thing! You have the freedom to tailor your children’s education to his or her unique needs and gifts.
It’s important to know the requirements for your state, if any. So for instance, some states require only a “notice of intent” that simply states you are going to homeschool (some don’t even require that). No questions asked, no reviews or checking in. Other states may require a portfolio review, where once a year you show a brief representation of work done. Check those out at HSLDA. And let us know the ages/grades of your children, any special considerations, and if you’re looking for Christian or secular products, and then we can better recommend curriculum. :grinning: