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New to Homeschooling from India


I’m Ranjani from India. We just decided that we’ll homeschool our son who turned 1 yr last month. I jus wanna know if it is too early or we can set a pace for him now. Your ideas n suggestions would be great.


The toddler years are a lot of fun. While “schooling” may be a bit premature, directed play can a lot of fun: reading out loud, playing games with colors, and connecting animals with the sounds they make. One word of cation, make sure you are able to keep up with him when he wants to change games, if you stick with the same one too long it will stop being fun and become a chore. Watching shows like Sesame Street, Mr Rogers Neighborhood, and other preschool shows can help you see what interests him and give you something to talk about and you don’t have to prepare or clean up afterwards.

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Thanks for your suggestions Caytw

Playing is learning. Reading aloud picture books will help to develop attention and memory. Later you can incorporate Montessori-style activities. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest.