New to homeschool need guidance

Hello all! I have found a math curriculum I like but need help with reading writing etc. my daughter is soon to be a 3rd grader and I am looking for a site that testes her placement in reading and also recommendations for reading & writing curriculums!!
Thanks a bunch!

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Hi there @Lorenj! I just thought I’d mention a few things that came to mind when I read your post. As far as testing the reading level placement, your best bet might be to look at individual curriculum choices and see if they offer their own placement tests. This is a good option because each curriculum is different, and based on where your child places on their test, they can tell you which of their levels to start with. As far as a reading program, we have always used All About Reading. My children have all done extremely well with this. I hope you’ll get some other recommendations too from others. Learning Language Arts Through Literature is an all-encompasing language arts program, and Total Language Plus has also looked solid and interesting to me (though we have not had an opportunity to use it yet).

As far as writing curriculum, that depends a little on what type of writing you are going for. There are options for handwriting practice specifically (print and cursive), creative writing options, and then also copywork (which is great for introducing good grammar). All of these options will render their own advantages. For us, we have not started a “creative writing” program yet (my daughter will in 5th grade next year). We will use the Student Writing Intensive Level A from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. This company also offers theme-based writing programs (focusing on history, the Bible, etc.) Classical Academic Press has other writing program options that also look engaging. There are so many to choose from, and identifying exactly what kind of goal you have for the subject will help you narrow down some choices.

I hope this helps a little and best wishes on starting out!

Oh, I also meant to add Brave Writer as another writing program option. We have not used it yet, but I hear fantastic reviews from those who are using it already. :slight_smile:

Yes we are also looking into Brave Writer it looks great!