New to COAH Community

Hi, Everyone in the COAH Community. My name is Valerie and I homeschool in Texas. I have been homeschooling for about 4 years now. My oldest daughter was in a local private school, but she had some difficulty in the school, so we taught homeschooling her would do her good. Well, we never plan to homeschool all our kids, but it seems God works in mysteries ways. I have enjoyed my time with my kids learning together and seeing them accomplish things that if I was working would have missed. Well, ever since we pulled my daughter out of school she seems to have more confidence and is very smart. She would have been labeled a slow learner if she had remained there. But, by God’s design I homeschooled her and she just as smart or more than a most children her age. It goes to show that better late never. I am excited to find this community of homeschool moms and Eric’s Blog.
By the way does anyone know anything about The Trail Guide To Learning Curriculum. I was thinking about switching to it because I hear it is a great complete curriculum that teaches every subject except math, using an integrated approach to learning that develops thinking skills. It sounds great since I have three children to homeschool and don’t want to spend to much on curriculum this year. How anyone tried it? If so, I would like to know your honest opinion on this Unity Study approach to learning.

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Hi there Valerie @TigerLilly :smile: I am also a homeschool mom who has been homeschooling for 4 years. We are starting Trail Guide to Learning in August. I have purchased everything for Paths of Exploration (their first level) and I have all of the materials here. I also purchased the middle school extension even though my oldest (daughter) is only entering 4th grade because she is an avid reader who is reading at about a 7th grade level and spelling on a high school level so I wanted to have the materials to challenge her and keep her going if she flies through the books too quickly. Although I haven’t started it yet, I’ve been researching this curriculum for about a year and a half and reading the Yahoo group posts, the Trail Guide Facebook posts daily, and delving into the the curriculum itself for quite some time. I’d be happy to answer anything I can. I am extremely excited to get started. I will have a 2nd and 4th grader using it starting August 1st (my 2nd grader will be using the K-2 extension). We are in Tennessee :smile: Feel free to send me a private message or reply here if you’d like! I love, love, love what I’ve seen of this curriculum. Here is my e-mail address too: