New to Bible study - any recommendations?

Hi there. I want to do a Bible study with my kids next school-year. I have never attended church regularly and am completely new to studying the Bible myself. My kids will be in 3rd (boy), 1st (boy), preschool (girl, age 4) and a 2 year old (girl). Any recommendations on what we should use? I need something that starts with the basics and is easy to use for all ages. I was just thinking some sort of daily reading/discussion/something? I really have no idea where to start. :slight_smile: Any recommendations are appreciated!



We are using Grapevine Studies and Word of Life Daily Devotions.

Also, here is a post from Erica’s blog that might be helpful where some other ideas were shared in the comments section (it was before she had the community :wink: ):


Old Story New, and Long Story Short! This is a set of two books. These are brief devotionals for all ages. I use them with my 3 year old, 6 year old, and 12 year old. The stories are short and interesting and will give everyone somethings to discuss or think about, without being time consuming or requiring planning. It has some verses that you need to look up and read, but versus are very short. (Like one or two!) The NLT bible is great for kids to understand. I have the NIV Family Reading Bible and that has worked well for us too.

The next link is to My Big Book of Five Minute Devotions. This book is super simple, and quick to use, but has very sweet and thoughtful devotions for kids. I love this book.

Other than that we have the Beginners Bible for kids, and we read a story from that here and there during read aloud time. My daughter is also a fan of the Berenstain Bears so we have the Berenstain Bears Bible Story book too. My kids like this one for bedtime reading. I think these stories and devotions are a good way to add in some Bible time with kids! I hope this helps!

If you are interesting in some kind of devotional for mama :slight_smile: , I also think that ANY book written by Max Lucado will really be time well spent! He’s so easy to read regardless of your Bible knowledge level. I think its awesome that you want to add in some bible for you and the kids next year. Don’t feel intimidated! I just started attending church last August. (A difficult step for me, as I think it is awkward to just show up to a place with people you don’t know and to join in on things you are not accustom to doing!) But prior to that I started getting into the Bible for a few years through Max Lucado books and other books and I’m so glad that I did. Sometimes it feels hard to find the time, but its worth it, its time that I never regret!


We also LOVE Grapevine, but mine are slightly older, 5th, 3rd and kindergarten.

Thank you for the encouragement! And yes it’s intimidating and overwhelming to be starting all this at the age of 39. :slight_smile:


I am in the same situation you are :slight_smile: someone recommended Christian light education light units to get started. If you go to their website you can see samples. I will have a 1st and 2nd grader next year and think I will start with grade 1 bible and we can all learn together:)

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Calvary Curriculum has some free Bible worksheets. They’ve changed the site since I’ve been there last so they have other worksheets to member, not sure what is involved in becoming a member. I found this site years ago through Ambleside Online and I enjoy doing these with my children.

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I love Leading Little Ones to God. It is perfect for starting out. It puts big concepts into simple but meaningful ways that all can understand and relate to. I read it to my children and then we look up online for the song and sing it, and repeat together the memory verse. I think we will always read this book, over and over again!

If you want to get your children and yourself better acquainted with the Bible stories, closely to how the Bible relates it, and/or you want for your children to read the Bible independently but don’t think they are quite ready for the Bible, Egermeier’s Bible Story Book is a very good choice. It’s our favorite story book!

If you want to read to them right from the Bible and/or you want a “curriculum”, Bible Road Trip by Danika Cooley gives you the questions to ask and think about what you have just read. It helps to use the timeline and other suggested materials as well but are not necessary.

The first material/curriculum I bought and used with my children were the A Beka Bible lessons. I did not purchase the flashcards, only the lesson guides at $ 2.95 each. These helped me tremendously, as I better understood the message of the Bible and the stories. I remember when we spent months on Moses. I added a Ten Commandments lapbook for them to do too. It was excellent, and has helped me grow much spiritually. It was great for my oldest too, now in 4th grade, and she loves reading the Bible and memorizing verses.

I also printed the Calvary Curriculum pages that matched the lesson we were studying, too. It is a nice addition.

We also played CDs from A Beka, the Sing Unto the Lord. Every day we played these and sang along. It has helped create a love and desire in my children for God. We still play them and sing, along with other titles.

I hope this is helpful in some way, and that you delight in your Bible studies together!


We liked Bible Study Guide for All Ages for our kids and Grapevine is great too. The former is quite a bit cheaper and has a little more variety in their activities but both were really great. My vote is to try to read the actual Bible along with your kids- you may all have questions, but your children will see the value you place on the Bible and the importance of reading and studying for themselves–perhaps the most valuable lesson. Good luck! Jesus is worth the effort!


We absolutely love Bible Road Trip. We’ve been using it for going on two years now. Like @GC123 and @Rachelehansen mentioned, we have found reading from our Bible directly to be a great experience together. Bible Road Trip guides us in doing this and also uses some great resources to go along. We take much longer to go through a suggested “week” (we go at our pace and did Bible 3 days a week this year doing biblical Character study the fourth day), but my kids are gaining a great foundation in what is really in each book of the Bible and Scripture relates to our lives/who God is. I highly, highly recommend it.