New Homeschool Mom - Need Curriculum Help!

Hi! We will be homeschooling our boys for the first time next year. I’ll have a 5th, 3rd, and Kindergartener.

I’m pretty set on Saxon Math and Excellence in Writing (EIW) but I am a little overwhelmed with all of the curriculum options. For English 5th and 3rd - the EIW will cover writing and grammar, but that leaves vocab, spelling, reading comprehension, handwriting. Do I need separate curriculum for each of those?

For Kindergarten - MFW has been recommended to me by a few friends for K and 1st. As I’ve researched curriculum, I’ve come across AAR, AAS, Explode the Code, etc which all look great to me. Is MWF enough? I think it may be simpler for me to use that, and I’m afraid of being overwhelmed by homeschooling 3 different grade levels my first year. I obviously want to do what is best for my kids above all though!

So I guess my biggest questions are what curriculum and English subjects do I need to go along with EIW? And what are your thoughts on MFW for Kindergarten? Would that be enough or would you recommend using a different phonics/reading program?

Thanks so much!

I haven’t forgotten about science and social studies - but I’m not quite as worried about those at this time as I’ve already found a few good options. The spelling/phonics/reading/etc is what’s overwhelming!

We use EIW and love it. We do use an additional spelling curriculum that I start in 3rd grade. It’s the Phonetic Zoo by IEW. It’s a good fit for us that my kids can do independently. I have a 4th, 2nd, and Kindergartener right now. We started Phonetic Zoo A in 3rd grade and are now on B for 4th. For your second grader, you could look at something different like AAS or SYS… maybe even just word lists you choose for him. Depends on your style. (We use Abeka for K-2nd, and that has spelling. I start EIW in 3rd.)

For my 4th grader, we tried Wordly Wise 3000 this year for a few months. He and I both didn’t like it. So, I asked a few homeschool mom friends what they use and some don’t even do vocabulary and some focus on it through reading, so we are taking the reading route now.

For handwriting we use Handwriting Without Tears.

This is SO helpful! Thank you so much for your feedback, I truly appreciate it!

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