Need help with schedule!

I have a daughter who is junior this year. We began homeschooling halfway through 10th grade. We used time4learning for about 2 months the beggining of 11th grade. We then switched over to easy peasy doing six classes like AB , three classes and three classes the other day schedule, and we have been doing that for about 5 months. So we are a bit behind. About a month ago we began doing all 6 classes. Our six classes are English 3, comparative gov, chemistry, Spanish 1, business, and statistics. Here lately my daughter has been getting stressed/agitated as it takes her up 6-7 hours to finish all of her classes. She has had bad experiences from public school so she is not a fan of school anyways. Days are set up on easy peasy, and we are around day 55 right now, we would be farther but we were doing AB classes. There are 180 days on there. We wanted to finish by April/May as then she would have done almost 11 months of work. Like I mentioned we were on another curriculum for awhile but restarted on day 1, and added some classes from the other curriculum. My question is should we do all six classes daily, or could we spread them out. I just want make sure has she has all her classes. Thanks!

I am afraid I can’t be much help here as my oldest in just in Kindergarten! But here are my thoughts…if your daughter is frustrated and not enjoying her schooling then she probably is not getting much out of the material because it sounds to me like she might start going through her work just to get it done. I think one of the great things about homeschooling is the flexibility. If doing all six classes isn’t working, I say there is nothing wrong with taking a breather and spreading the classes out. 6-7 hours is a long time. Maybe someone with older kids and more knowledge about high school will be able to answer your question better!

Have you been able to adjust her schedule?
Perhaps contacting easy peasy would bring you some help. I don’t have any experience with it but I would imagine they could give you some insights on how to manage it in this situation as they understand their curriculum and know what the student could skip in this grade and pick up the next year and other things like that. Best wishes!