Need Advice from Blended Homeschooled/Public Schooled Families

I have three boys. My two oldest attend public school. My youngest (age 8) has been homeschooling for the last two years (he had a horrid time in Kindergarten and wasn’t thriving in public school like my other two).

My middle child, age 11, will wanted to try homeschool this next school year (but only for that year…long story). My husband was apprehensive because he does so well in school (straight A student) and because he’s not sure if I’ll be able to handle teaching two (frankly…I’m nervous about that too, though I’m excited to try).

He agreed, but only if my son would do a trial month early. This actually works out well…I was out a month with pneumonia this year so we are about a month behind for my youngest. So them both starting a month early sounds great.

BUT, I’m not sure what to do about my oldest (age 13). It has always been hard teaching my youngest when the other boys are home doing other things…and I see where the same problem may come up here. My oldest I think would be willing to work with me BUT also could be resentful if this took away from summer video game time (having screens on during homeschool would be a big distraction). Suggestions?

My kids are 3, 6, and 8. I was in my second year of homeschooling last fall when we moved out of state and was having a lot of trouble behaviorally with my oldest, so we put her in public school just after spring break this year. She is academically behind in math (long story) and reading comprehension so rather than quitting homeschooling for the summer, I am working specifically on those things with her while still schooling my 6 year old. One thing that is making it feel more “summery” to them is that I made a daily checklist of chores and schoolwork that has to be done before they can have screen time.

Perhaps, to help your oldest not be resentful of your new arrangement, you could still have a list of things that he needs to do during school hours to earn screen time like the other kids. And since he’s so much older, it could definitely include extra chores, reading time, etc. So don’t take it away entirely, just limit during the morning hours or whenever it would be a distraction to schooling.

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