Mystery of history schedule and activites

Im going to be starting MOH with my son, grade 1-2. I don’t think I want to do it 5 days week. What is your schedule for a young child using it? Do you use the maps, and memory card work? Anything you know now that you can pass on to me that you found helpful?

Following this! We are starting next year too :slight_smile:

For a little one, I would mainly do the reading and the young activities (some of these were really fun, like the ice-holding contest we did for the ice age! Also, I can’t remember if MOH suggested this or if we added it on, but we made little booklets illustrating the days of creation).

If you want to do mapping, you can do simple things like show them where a country is on a laminated map, and let them circle it or draw something there with a wet or dry-erase marker.

I didn’t do memory cards at this age, but if you did, do something very basic. I consider history more for exposure/interest at this age. My friend’s kids really got into the timeline figures–coloring them and decorating them as suggested for the lesson.

Mainly, have fun with it!

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@Merry that’s great advice, thank you Merry! I was debating the memory cards. I want to make the most out of a program, but need to remember to keep it age appropriate! I was thinking of scheduling it only 2 days a week (alternating 2 days with science). My thought was read a lesson, do an activity for younger student. Then every 4th lesson do the timeline figures (since the publisher has a week as 3 reading lessons, then timeline figures, and so on…). I thought I would stretch their “week” into 2 weeks and take it slower:) hope that makes sense!

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Sounds like a good plan! You can do it over 2 years that way. I did it over 2 years with Sonlight B when my kids were 2nd-K and 3rd-1st. I enjoyed alternating with science too, plus we had flexibility to take days off for field trips or nature walks without feeling too cramped for time. Enjoy your little ones!

We did MOH for the first time this year (kids are 12, 4, and 3). We loved it but have added a lot of extras. I’ve basically looked on Pinterest for extra crafts or activities and our library was a huge help. Feel free to check out my board @danahodach. My oldest has to read the library books to the little guys and he also “leads” the activities. It’s been fun to watch him become teacher :grinning: if I didn’t have a 12 year old, I wouldn’t do the memory cards or maps. Some of the readings are pretty advanced where my little guys have no idea what I’m talking about but that is where the extra movies, books and crafts come in handy. We do history 2-3 days a week alternating with science. We also just take our time with it and have fun :grinning: