My father's world science

For those who have experience using MFW, what are your thoughts on the science that is included for grades K-6? I know that they recommend using Apologia science starting in 7th grade, but the younger grades have science included in the MFW guides. I have read through numerous reviews online, and several people have commented that the science is “lacking” and that they substitute a different science curriculum.

I have been using MFW for 3 years now with my 6th grade son and 3rd grade daughter. We are currently on Rome and the Reformation. The first part of this years science was all about the body and as a health care professional I was impressed. They actually learned and at just the right level to be interested but not grossed out. Currently we are studying astronomy which is actually apologia’s astronomy that was included with the package. Next year is Apologia’s botany and God’s design animals. I personally haven’t had to supplement the science with anything so far. Next year my son will move to the 7th grade science but my daughter will do what I mentioned above. I have learned throughout the years that everyone does what works best for there families and MFW science has worked for us. Hope this helps.

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